Our Hair-Free Guarantee

Premier Laser Spa of Louisville proudly announces the industry’s best hair removal guarantee. We’re so confident that you’ll love our services, we’ll put it in writing and guarantee your satisfaction.

The bottom line is, if any hair comes back in the 2 years following your series of 8 treatments, we’ll remove it free of charge. After the initial 2 year period is over, if you notice any hair growing back in the treatment areas, we will re-treat those areas for a small co-pay.

Please note also that our treatments and packages have been expertly selected and tailored to cater to many different individuals, and you can be sure that all your hair removal needs will be covered to your satisfaction.

We operate our business based on the principle that our customers should be 100% satisfied, which is why we put our guarantee in writing.

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We accept Enhance Patient Financing.