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Premier Laser Spa of Louisville Laser Hair Removal Services

Laser hair removal is widely regarded as the fastest method of achieving permanent hair removal. Unlike most short term hair reduction treatments, laser hair procedures provide a virtually painless solution to unwanted face and body hair.

At Premier Laser Spa of Louisville we never offer our clients a one size fits all treatment. Our extensive range of lasers are approved by the FDA, and this broad selection of high quality equipment allows us to tailor each procedure to the wishes, hair type, and skin type of every guest. After booking with us, you are ensured the very best results no matter what treatment you have in mind. Our highly trained staff of fully qualified laser practitioners can adjust the laser’s wavelength to suit an individual’s exact skin tone, making Premier Laser Spa of Louisville the perfect choice if you have very pale or dark skin.

This spa is the only laser provider in the area to offer its patients advanced LaserFastâ„¢ hair removal technology.

Bikini Line

It is easy to be caught out in public with a less than perfectly groomed bikini line, and when this situation occurs, it can feel very embarrassing. Unfortunately, razor burn and shaving bumps are particularly common around the bikini line, making this area a troubling region for many women. It is hardly any wonder that bikini line laser hair removal has become so popular.

At Premier Laser Spa of Louisville we offer the perfect solution in pubic hair removal. Our expert laser specialists can perform this easy procedure very quickly, usually in less than quarter of an hour. They can tailor the treatment to remove as much or as little hair as you request. Results are clearly visible from as early as the second treatment, and by the end of a full course of laser sessions, even the darkest and most troubling hairs will have disappeared altogether. Compared to waxing, hair removal cream, and other temporary solutions, this procedure involves hardly any pain and the results are permanent.

Full Brazilian Bikini Procedure

‘Brazilian’ or ‘Full’ bikini line treatments are a great solution for women who like the thought of never having to worry about keeping pubic hair at bay ever again. They are the procedures of choice for spa clients who want to have either a narrow strip of hair remaining or absolutely nothing left at all.

This treatment is becoming increasingly popular among both male and female patients. For female clients your comfort and peace of mind are always a priority to us, so if you choose to have your bikini line treated, our friendly staff will always pair you with a female laser specialist.

Next time you head away on vacation, packing razors will be a thing of the past, and unlike waxing or electrolysis, all of our laser hair removal treatments can be carried out with almost no pain whatsoever.

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Facial Hair

For women who are plagued with dark or thick hair on their face, keeping up an effective hair removal routine can be a distressing task. Facial hair can not only affect the way that you look but also your confidence and how you feel about yourself. Our staff realize that this is an issue many women feel self-conscious about, so they take care to be discreet at all times. Any personal details that you provide are handled with complete confidentiality.

Female facial hair removal is Premier Laser Spa of Louisville’s most sought after treatment. It is especially popular on areas like the chin and upper lip but our highly customizable laser procedures can treat any area on your face, including side burns or eyebrows.

Unlike waxing, there is no need to grow hair longer before you undergo a laser treatment. This no hassle procedure often lasts less than 10 minutes, and it can easily be fitted into a lunch break or around other engagements. Though it takes a number of visits to fully remove all hair, you will be able to notice a significant reduction from as early as the first treatment. Every subsequent session of laser hair removal takes you one step closer to having the permanently soft, smooth skin you wish for. In most cases treated skin will be left slightly pink for around 2 hours after the procedure, or in rare cases up to 24 hours.

Men’s Facial Hair

Shaving every morning can be a hassle, and for a lot of men it can lead to an uncomfortable skin irritation. Men who want to have a professional and smooth skinned appearance as soon as they get out of bed each morning, can get just that with the help of Premier Laser Spa of Louisville. Male facial hair treatment is an ideal solution for any man who suffers from a painful shaving rash or razor bumps.

Dark skin pigmentation can affect the way that lasers target hair follicles, leading to less successful hair removal results. Fortunately for those unable to get the treatment from other hair removal providers, our fully customizable lasers and LaserFast technology allow specialists to remove hair even from darker skin.

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Underarm Hair

At one time or another, every woman has left the house in a sleeveless top or dress after forgetting to shave her underarms. Laser hair removal is the ideal way to avoid this awkward situation.

Even though this area isn’t particularly difficult to keep well groomed, repeating the shaving process day in day out can become a chore. It can eventually leaving skin feeling sore and breaks many women out in an unattractive rash. Fortunately, laser hair removal on this area is extremely fast. You can easily fit it into your lunch break and see results beginning to appear even after the first treatment. For anyone who is unsure about whether laser hair removal is the right choice for them, the underarm area is the perfect place to give the treatment a first go.

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Arm Hair

Anyone who suffers from thick or very dark arm hair will know that the unwanted covering can sometimes be embarrassing. At Premier Laser Spa of Louisville, we know that with laser hair removal, fast and effective results in this area are easy to achieve. The LaserFast technology we work with makes this level of precision possible, and Premier Laser Spa of Louisville has a range of fully equipped lasers to choose from. As a result, our highly customized laser procedures allow specialists to tailor treatments to suit you, no matter what your hair type or skin tone. This procedure is usually very quick and virtually painless. You can schedule your appointment during your lunch break or any time you have a few free minutes. Laser treatment has also been shown to offer long term cost benefits when compared to ongoing hair removal techniques like waxing and shaving.

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Leg Hair

Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to waste valuable time shaving your legs again? The typical woman spends almost an hour per week and nearly 50 hours a year shaving her legs! Could you think of things you’d rather be doing with your time? Freeing up nearly 50 hours to do things that are more important in your life is exactly why we do what we do, and with our proprietary LaserFastâ„¢ hair removal process, shaving your legs will be a thing of the past. Allowing an hour for a full treatment on your legs is advised.

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While chest hair can be considered sexy for some men, for many it is not. Having hair popping out from your shirt can cause embarrassment for many men causing them to avoid taking their shirt off in public. Our safe and effective treatments typically last an hour and can permanently remove unwanted chest hair.

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Back and Shoulder Hair

Having back and shoulder hair isn’t something most men strive for. Our laser hair removal process will permanently remove back and shoulder hair.

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