Are you looking for a provider of top quality laser hair removal services in the Louisville region? Then Premier Laser Spa could be the perfect choice for you! Our spa is the only center in the capital area qualified to offer industry leading LaserFast Hair removal treatments. Our highly trained team of specialists are fully certified in the use of LaserFast technology and are waiting to help out.

Visit www.LaserFastHairRemoval.com to check out our certification or to find out more about what this exciting technology could mean for you.

Why choose LaserFast™?

For men and women who find shaving, tweezing, and waxing a chore, LaserFast Hair Removal is the perfect permanent hair removal alternative. Here are just a few advantages of the system:

  • The treatment is completely safe
  • Light pulses are used to destroy hair follicles quickly and effectively
  • Unique cooling technology makes the procedure a comfortable experience

So how does LaserFast™ work?

LaserFast treatments use pulses of energy to destroy unwanted hairs. The light produced by the laser system penetrates the upper layers of your skin to reach the hair follicles beneath. The follicles are then permanently destroyed by heat energy absorbed from the laser. This can be a complicated process, but our certified laser specialists are trained to choose the energy and laser source most suitable for your skin color and hair type.

Is there any pain?

LaserFast™ treatments are optimized for client comfort. Our customers love their sessions…

“I’m ready to go anywhere in a moments notice with no more worrying about shaving legs, underarms, etc.” – Desiray M., Cleveland OH

“It’s really so easy. It’s awesome!” – Allie B., Nashville TN

What does the treatment involve?

At Premier Laser Spa Of Louisville we consider it a priority to make sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout every step of the treatment process. The treatments we provide are effective and safe, and our LaserFast technicians take pride in the high level of service they provide.

During each session you will be given safety goggles to wear while your technician guides the laser across the area that is being treated. A burst of cold air will cool skin down before the laser pulse is emitted to ensure maximum comfort. The treatment takes only a short period of time for most body areas, though some larger areas will take longer to complete. The male back area, for example, takes just over an hour, where as an upper lip treatment will be over in a few minutes.

Am I a good candidate?

LaserFast™ hair removal treatments are effective on all areas of the body and on all types of skin. The only hair types that do not respond to LaserFast™ treatments are white hair, very grey hair, red hair and very blond hair.

How many treatments will I need?

You will see the effects of your treatment right away, but it will take a number of sessions for best results, as the process is most effective when the hair follicle is in its active growth (anagen) phase. Your technician will recommend the appropriate timeline and treatment spacing for you during your initial consultation

Get perfect results today!

If you want to get rid of troubling body and facial hair for good, then Premier Laser Spa Of Louisville is an ideal choice. Our LaserFast trained staff are the only technicians in the area able to work with advanced LaserFast technology. Contact us straight away by phone on 1-800-NEW-FEEL to get your free of charge consultation with a trained specialist. We can even offer reduced price package deals if you are interested in getting more than one area treated.


We accept Enhance Patient Financing.